What is the God’s Law?

Law: in the Bible, an expression of God’s will and moral standards for human conduct delivered as instructional material (Köstenberger and Patterson, p. 198). Scriptural law in Scripture that diagrams God’s orders to His agreement individuals. Laws come in a few structures: Moral Law-laws about how to live, for all individuals on all occasions, Ceremonial Law- laws about tabernacle and temple worship for the Israelite, Civil or Judicial Law-laws that administered safeguarded and ensured Israelite society. We must note that the law was given after God reclaimed the Israelites out of Egypt. Grace came before the law. The law was created for governing bodies to use, not for individuals. Scriptural law in the Old Testament is found in Leviticus, parts of Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Moreover, in Köstenberger and Patterson’s book they set some features for Law, as follows: Law 1) Types of Law 2) Terms for the Law 3) Transmission of the Law and 4) Applicability of the Law and (p. 162-167). Anyway, to applying the Old Testament Law we need to follow some approaches: 1) Similarly, as with any scriptural content or section, figure out how the law affected its unique listeners or perusers, 2) Decide the philosophical and good standards inborn in the specific law, 3) Decide if the law has been remarked on by Jesus or the New Testament scholars, 4) The basic theological or good aim of this law, and its applicability in the New Testament, is actually true and 5) Make appropriate individual application, depending on the Holy Spirit’s direction.

By: Rev. Ravy Van Cambodia Lutheran Church (CLC)


Köstenberger, Andreas J., and Richard D. Patterson.  Invitation to Biblical Interpretation: Exploring the Hermeneutical Triad of History, Literature, and Theology (2011).

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